“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

What a beautiful idea! This summer I’m on a journey to get a little bit better, every single day.  I finally read The Miracle Morning on recommendation from a friend.  The book tells the story of how very simple changes in your day to day routine can result in big changes in your life.

I started a new morning routine in the beginning of the year with adding exercise a few days a week before work. I kept the evening workout if I couldn’t before work, and looking back it was so painfully obvious that on the days I worked out in the morning, everything was better.

^ I was happier.

^ I was relaxed.

^ I was less stressed.

^ I reduced the chance that I missed working out that day.

The Miracle Morning gives testimonials from people who start their day with focus, reflection, inspiration, exercise and learning.  To be effective it really needs to be individualized for the person and it has to be a ritual that is never missed or skipped!

Two weeks in, every morning begins at the same time (about 5:30) but it is such a better way to start the day.  Coffee starts, journal out, a few minutes of my favorite prayers, then affirmations are written.

10 minutes in and I’m warmed up, ready for the visualization. Visualization is no joke! Think of the golfer visualizing the ball going to the cup and dropping. Think of the executive practicing an important speech.  For some people it’s work – for others, exercise or being a better parent/partner. Whatever is important to you, visualize doing it well.

I created a private board on Pinterest just for this purpose. Scroll through Pinterest and pin your goals, pictures that make you happy, places you want to be and quotes that inspire you. It’s your happy place and a great way to let your mind relax.

After 5 minutes, on to journaling. Do not overthink and do not judge yourself. Write for a few minutes. How was your day? What went well? What are your goals for today? Getting it all out on paper is cathartic. You can let it go, focused and ready to start the day.

Last step here is investing time to open your mind. Get a book. An actual book. Everyday, read for 5 minutes as you start your day.

All done? Time for exercise! Know how much time you have and no matter what, don’t skip it! 10 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of weights or 30 minutes to challenge… all that matters is that you get moving and stretching.

That’s it! Now have a better day than you did yesterday.

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