Grateful for where I’m at and excited for where I’m going

I absolutely love my new favorite quote. Although I’m not sure who first said it, I’m  taking it as my own. It’s my mantra and part of my daily affirmation. I found a picture on Pinterest with the quote. Imagine a long rope bridge, strung over a deep ravine, with the silhouette of a person. There is fog or some reflection from the sun blocking the view, so you can’t yet see the other side.

Our days are FILLED, and for many people that means busy and not focused on what’s important to you. Maybe they are filled, but not filled with what you want. Yesterday was a filled day for me, but it was filled with things I love – time with my kids at a coffee shop, a Beachbody workout, time spent walkig through a boutique, time spent in a salon, getting my hair cut and having good conversation.

If you’re grateful for where you’re at, you don’t need to shift to minimalist boot camp. You roll with it, soaking in all the good stuff and letting the bad stuff roll away.  You open the doors for what’s coming next.

An example: yesterday was Saturday and I had to get some work done. It wasn’t optional. I didn’t fight it, dwell on it or feel angry that part of my Saturday was spent on a computer and conference call. Instead, I took it in, grateful that I have an interesting job. I’m grateful that I work with people I like who are committed to success like I am. I’m grateful we have relationships that extend outside of work, friends by text and Facebook and instagram, making the relationship stronger.

By being there, I’m in the moment and fully present. If you’re a working mom, it’s ok to say “I’ve got responsibilities. My getting the job done is important to our family and I know this is what I have to today to get us where we’ll be tomorrow.”

Kids learn by watching. They learn the importance of discipline, hard work and keeping your promises.  Once you make the choice (and we all have a choice) to do the things that FILL our lives, be all-in 100%. Be grateful for that opportunity. It’s going to give you something back that you can learn from and apply for where you’re going next.

I’m not using the word “busy” anymore. I have removed it forcefully from my vocabulary. Busy is defined as “having a great deal to do”. It’s not a big enough word to capture me and my life.  I am doing a lot of things, but they are done carefully and with a purpose, on a schedule.  What I’m doing is meaningful and important.

Where are you right now?  Are you grateful for where you’re at and excited for where you’re going? Or just trying to get to the grateful place? Let me know.

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