Investing Time

Is anyone else addicted to planning trips? I love researching a city, reading about the places to go. The anticipation of seeing new places is almost as much fun as the actual trip itself.

Sharing that experience creates a memory that ties you together. You’ll share that thrill – the moment –  when you land. You just know that you’re going to have a great time.

Travel is a way to invest in yourself and your relationships.  You get away from the distractions of everyday life, able to listen to each other. You’re relaxed and taking it in, able to just laugh and people watch.  If the kids aren’t with you, you appreciate them even more when you come back, little chubby cheeks and smiles and hugs and kisses – things you may sometimes take for granted.

I’m sitting in Boston Logan Airport, thinking about why our trip was so much fun.

– We were spontaneous. Deciding to take the water taxi spur of the moment when landed was a great decision. There was the thrill of the unknown (where are we going?), the fresh air and being totally ok getting a little wet when it started raining. We didn’t always have a plan and it felt so good.

– We shared new experiences.  We walked the Freedom Trail Bar Crawl, hearing stories about the revolution while you’re standing in the places where the events actually happened.  We drank (a lot!) We laughed (a lot!)  We met some interesting new people but better than that, met up with a dear college friend and her family.  Such a gift to catch up on how life unfolds over 18 years! It’s something I’ll remember for a long time. We explored Little Italy and had the best lunch ever at James Hook’s near the Seaport.

– We soaked in the free time. How often do you NOT have a schedule? We enjoyed a Saturday morning where we had total freedom to do whatever we wanted. We walked and talked, stopping into exhibits and taking pictures along the way.  We stopped for a bite to eat, shopped and got lost. It was relaxing, giving us time to just be together.

– Laughing! I love being so relaxed that I can just be in the moment and laugh. It’s always my favorite part of being “off”. We made the terrible mistake of walking up to the top of the Bunker Hill monument – 289 stairs each way. We made it up but barely made it down.

Like all of our little adventures, we invested only a weekend, but in return had a great time, creating memories just for the two of us to share. It’s what we started when we were young and will keep doing as often as we can.

Now the next question is: where are we off to next?


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