Airport Musings

As I sit in Terminal 5 at JFK, delays abound and the Caribbean steel drum plays. What thoughts run through your mind after 4 hours in an airport?

1. Just relax. It’s Friday night and I should be hard at work getting things done, a model citizen of productivity, but nah – just ain’t happening. It’s Friday night.  Any residual red wine headache is long gone. I had a few beers and am thinking about seeing my kids and starting the weekend. I’ll try again tomorrow.

2. I have a lot of stories I want to tell my kids. We live in a small town. I want them to know how to buy a metro card, ride a train, hail a cab and, while being authentic, hold your own wherever you go.  I want them to know the areas of all the big cities in the US.  I want them to appreciate good restaurants and great small unpretentious bars. I want them to know that their mom did that and they can see the world too – just be happy doing it.

3. Exercise on the road is so tough. Whoever cracks the code to simplify what you need, timing, planning workouts and meals, will be a genius. I know that sentence sounds ridiculous. Millions of people have figured it out and I am the outlier, but not in a wonderful Malcolm Gladwell kind of way. I decided just now, on this trip, that  I will be one of those people! On Wednesday I leave for a 8 day trip to London.  Can I set a goal for exercise and health AND achieve it? I’m going to outline a plan now. Predictions:

– planning the time will be most important for me  (early morning)

– not drinking and limiting going out is key to feeling good and having the right fuel for my workouts. Unfortunately I already failed my test on this NY trip by drinking wine, steak, potatoes, and airport food! (Terrible + expensive)

4. I just want to be home in comfy clothes. I want to be finished with waiting in the airport listening to a Caribbean band, finished boarding a plane, finished worrying about turbulence and landed. I want that great feeling walking off the plane to our nice, little regional airport, walking right to the short term parking and heading home. Happy!

Have a great weekend. image




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