Getting started with Beachbody – a longer version if you’re not sure where to begin

I’m excited that you are interested in using Beachbody to meet your goals.  Here are some notes based on my experience and other clients.
1. Commit to a short term period.  I started with the 21 day fix, but just promised myself to get through 7 days of workouts and healthy eating.  If you can make it to 7 days, you are probably going make it 21.  Start with a realistic but achievable goal.  Write it down and put it in your calendar, including what time of each day you’re going to work out.
2. Decide what your goal is.  Examples: Do you want to tone up and feel better in your clothes? Get ready for a vacation coming up? Get more energy? Decrease stress?  Start a new habit?  This will help you pick the right workout.
3. Decide what works best for you to play the workouts. Two choices: decide if you want the app so you can play workouts anywhere (home and away) or you prefer DVDs.  The app gives you unlimited access to all the workouts for $99/year. I love it and everyone who I’ve recommended it to is really happy. The DVDs are one time @ $40 but you only get 7 workouts; on the other hand you will have them forever!  I started with DVDs then switched to On Demand.
4. Decide if you want to try Shakeology, which has been a big factor for me feeling so healthy. I have not caught a single cold since January when I started drinking shakes. Maybe it’s the fruit I put in them – or maybe it’s the shake powder – but I do know that for me, it makes a huge difference.  I was VERY skeptical when I ordered a 7 day trial back with my DVDs but am now a believer.
Last, if none of those work for you, and you decide that you don’t want access to workouts or shakes, but just want personal accountability, we can do that too.  It may give you a boost if you need to have someone out there who believes in you and is rooting you on.  I can add you to the Facebook group “From Accountability to Success”, just tell the team what your goals are and start posting!
Here are my recommendations:
  • Change Nothing and Nothing Changes” If you can do some moderate cardio and light weights, you want to lose some weight, and kick a sugar habit, start with the 21 day fix.  I think you workout regularly, so you may want to go straight to 21 Day Fix Extreme. The 21 Day Fix and Challenge Pack is an easy to follow routine and there are modifiers for everything.  The videos are exactly 30 minutes a day that can be streamed from your mobile phone, tablet, PC, Smart TV or Roku.  It definitely gets results. If you want to challenge even more,you can add in the 10 minute ab workouts, or double up the workouts on some routines.
    • If you do the Challenge Pack, you get a 30 day supply of shakeology (super food probiotics and protein) which lasts me 6 weeks, DVD + 4 free gifts, and free 30 day membership to Beachbody on Demand, an app with hundreds of workout for $160
  • “Before you make it a lifestyle, make it a week!”   If you want to just try for 7 days exercising and healthier eating, start with Clean Week. You get 7 days of Shakeology, 4 days of workouts, and a simple nutrition plan, with access to Beachbody on Demand for a week!  $29.95 plus shipping.  I don’t think it’s as good a value as the challenge pack, but if you want to just try the shakes and see what you think of BB On Demand, it’s a good place to start with no commitment.  Since the Shakeology comes in individual packets, you can only use 1/2 at at time and make it last 14 days too.
  • “Winter is coming”  If you know that you can’t keep running outside, waking up in the dark or leaving work in the dark to go to the gym, sign up for On Demand Access. $99/year unlimited with access to all of the Beachbody programs which includes P90 series, PiYo, 21 Day Fix programs, weeks of daily yoga, The 10s for 10 minute workouts, Core de Force, Brazil Butt Lifts, Insanity Series and Kids & Family. This is a really good option if you like to have the workouts if you travel, don’t want to leave the office, have kids at home/couples who will use it, or just need to mix up the routine for results.
  • “Start falling in love with taking care of yourself” – Free 14 day access to Beachbody On Demand is available, the only tricky part is that you have to put your card in and remember to log in and cancel within 13 days if you don’t want to keep the subscription!  You will want to pick out your routine and get started right away so you can really get a feel for the workouts. I recommend starting with 21 day fix and then maybe the 10’s. I have a few favorite workouts I’d recommend if you’re not sure where to start.
When I first started Beachbody I was concerned about the price but then realized it’s like going to Tops, Wegmans or Target one time – only you are investing in yourself this time!
Do you want a discount? If you want a coaching discount on the order, you can sign up as a coach and cancel anytime. It takes @ 20% off but varies based on the package, and also reduces shipping to $2.  Shakes are 30 day money back guarantee, even if the bag is empty.
Next steps – Click on the email that was sent to you from Beachbody or email me back and I can get you set up.
There’s a picture on my signature line. It’s an image from the 21 Day Fix workouts!  Every workout has a different inspirational quote and theme. Based on my experience this year, I like to share it.  My advise is to go for it. You are totally worth it!  Good luck on this journey!

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