A new program to kick off the year starts soon – January 15!  Here are the details and a special offer:


  • If you were going to do the 80 Day Obsession or are planning on subscribing to Beachbody,  I can send you a link to sign up as a discount coach.
    • The obsession accessories are $49 + shipping/tax which comes to $61.88 for non-coaches, but coaches get 25% off that and $2 shipping.  That includes the sliders, bands, nutrition plan and workout calendar.
  • You will pay $16/month but you will also get 25% of off your orders.
  • You get access to the Autumn Calabrese Coach Test Group for 80 day Obsession for the full 80 days.
  • You can cancel at anytime.

If you were going to place the order anyway, you are paying $6 extra for the month and you get the online tools, special groups and more.

It takes a few days to get approved into the test group after that (you have to complete the form).  You could also order the accessory kit but pick up spare bands and sliders locally.

What is 80 Day Obsession:

  • A program only available on Beachbody on Demand that you work 6 days a week for 80 days.  Transform your mind and your body when you consistently exercise and spend time to improve your health, every day.  There are 3 phases of workouts over 13 weeks. Equipment needed are sliders, bands and weights. I ordered from Amazon and also from BB store (2 sets).  It’s as much mental as physical.
  •  If you think you are ready to join in for 80 days to transform your health, you can join as a coach and receive some special benefits.
    • The cost is $16/month. For that you get 25% off all purchases with $2 shipping.  I have access to several FB groups that are just uplifting and positive.  For me, it makes sense because I subscribe to Shakeology which means I save just by being a coach.  (Ex: The cost per month is $129 + $16 shipping vs. $97 + $2 shipping for coaches, so even paying $16 per month I’m saving.)   There is no up front cost to “buy in” although you should sign up when you buy a pack to skip the $40 fee.
  • Any 80 Day Obsession challenger who signs up as a coach will be able to participate in the Coach Test Group with Autumn Calabrese. The Coach Test Group is a place where you see exclusive videos, daily Q&A and information sharing with the other coaches.  The purpose of the test group is to provide feedback on the program and “test” the program. In the Accountability group you’re in, everyone is doing their own programs. In the Coach Test Group and the other Synergy coach groups, it is ONLY 80 Day Obsession, so people will be doing the same workouts and meal plans, giving you a community and support to keep you on track with people around the country, in Canada and the UK.

Good luck!

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