Thankful For…

Thanksgiving Kindergarten costumes and poems on what they are thankful for. Family names at place settings in little kid handwriting. Sitting in a warm home, cuddling with my 5 year old son, watching Mickey Mouse Christmas shows. Laughing and having beers with my husband at home. Mom’s and Dad’s who say to “do what makes … Continue reading Thankful For…

My favorite things for travel

I just returned from a 10 day trip.  It was my first trip out of the country alone in 7 years.  It's different going alone, not with my husband or the kids.  What a gift to have time to explore and have new experiences on my own!  I was able to experience it in a … Continue reading My favorite things for travel

Starting with the 21 Day Fix – LOL

Where you are right now: Unsure, or Really fit and ready for a challenge, or Used to be fit and can do more than just a beginner workout, or Ok I'm done having kids and this baby weight finally has to go, or My career is kicking into overdrive which is great but I need … Continue reading Starting with the 21 Day Fix – LOL

Getting started with Beachbody – a longer version if you’re not sure where to begin

I'm excited that you are interested in using Beachbody to meet your goals.  Here are some notes based on my experience and other clients. 1. Commit to a short term period.  I started with the 21 day fix, but just promised myself to get through 7 days of workouts and healthy eating.  If you can make it … Continue reading Getting started with Beachbody – a longer version if you’re not sure where to begin

Airport Musings

As I sit in Terminal 5 at JFK, delays abound and the Caribbean steel drum plays. What thoughts run through your mind after 4 hours in an airport? 1. Just relax. It’s Friday night and I should be hard at work getting things done, a model citizen of productivity, but nah - just ain’t happening. It’s … Continue reading Airport Musings

Book binging

The book binge continues.  High calories for the mind!  In the past month I've read three more self-development books. "The One Thing: Surprisingly Simple Truths behind Extraordinary Performance" opened my mind to the importance of blocking time.  This seems so simple, yet something that I really do not do well.  Perhaps it's that fatal desire … Continue reading Book binging

The Slight Edge

There must be thousand of people that, like me, are on a journey of self-discovery and improvement. To help me on my quest for enlightenment (or some sort of very basic self-realization), I've been reading.  Every single day, I spend some time reading books and articles to help me uncover ways to live a fuller … Continue reading The Slight Edge