Investing Time

Is anyone else addicted to planning trips? I love researching a city, reading about the places to go. The anticipation of seeing new places is almost as much fun as the actual trip itself. Sharing that experience creates a memory that ties you together. You'll share that thrill - the moment -  when you land. … Continue reading Investing Time

Grateful for where I’m at and excited for where I’m going

I absolutely love my new favorite quote. Although I'm not sure who first said it, I'm  taking it as my own. It's my mantra and part of my daily affirmation. I found a picture on Pinterest with the quote. Imagine a long rope bridge, strung over a deep ravine, with the silhouette of a person. … Continue reading Grateful for where I’m at and excited for where I’m going

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

What a beautiful idea! This summer I'm on a journey to get a little bit better, every single day.  I finally read The Miracle Morning on recommendation from a friend.  The book tells the story of how very simple changes in your day to day routine can result in big changes in your life. I … Continue reading “Strive for progress, not perfection.”

Invest in Yourself and Be your own Boss

There is definitely something about turning 40 that makes you think long and hard about the past and the future.  This blog post isn't about me, it's about you.  Do you feel that the old way of working "your life" just won't work anymore?  Do you feel ready to take control of your life - … Continue reading Invest in Yourself and Be your own Boss

Simplifying your life? Not so simple.

I've been reading a lot lately about become un-busy, a minimalist and simplifying your life.  The concept is fantastic and what many people need to think about right now, but I think the application of it is not that easy. If you're like me, simplifying your life just isn't that simple.  Considerations to start: 2 … Continue reading Simplifying your life? Not so simple.

Let’s start at the beginning…

It was a New Year's Eve and the girls were catching up.  As we compared schedules, our to-do lists, our finances and our plans for the year, we were all missing one important "to-do" on the list - ourselves. How had we become so good at taking care of everyone else but not ourselves? Our … Continue reading Let’s start at the beginning…

Why invest in yourself?

Life is too short to not have fun, be thankful every day and be the best that you can be. Invest in Yourself is about believing that you are worth the investment of time, money and energy. You need to invest daily on this journey to improve your health, nutrition, well being, relationships and finances. … Continue reading Why invest in yourself?